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case as this bein*.' presented at the clinic a few years a^o, and a fortnij^ht

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Canadian Medical Association, Address of the President 639

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Local Rheumatism. — To subdue the painful state of the muscle, injections

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produced and may be considerable in amount, and the exudation is more

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num ot'a f'astin<^ dog, produces a purgative effect, varying with the dose ;

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Avhich palsy of the vocal cords is said to have resulted from cortical

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impervious, penetrated to the depth of about two inches ; a second, in-

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steadily, amid the blandest of atmospheres, during this entire session, and you

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twenty years. Cricotomy had previously been performed upon the

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antiseptically. Even when the chloride of zinc fails to render the

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passed water. He began to improve slowly from this time, gradually

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must rank the work entitled " Frozen Sections of a Child," by Professor

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feet deep. The water is said to be magnetic as it flows from the wells, —

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tliinks that there is much doubt as to whether the usual practice of re-

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•no other adequate cause can be discovered to account for the disturb-

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slowly brought from the periphery of the field towards the centre ; and

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ries of nine individuals, ana3mic from different causes, w^ere examined.

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have in view are chiefly selfish. They hope through the many advan-

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Symptoms. — The symptoms are those of a subacute cerebro- spinal

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overheated, and the excessive heat, radiating in all directions, set the huts in a

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To the elaborate papers of Markoe, in the New York Medical Journal

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of h/ealtik which is not attended, with, av certain

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one of the best text-books on the practice of medicine which we possess."

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watering-places, but we have no such fashionable and much-frequented points

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great haste in operation ! The abscess which forms previous to the fistula

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the ventral surface of the cord and medulla oblongata. Macroscopically

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membrane usually occupies the fauces (tonsils, uvula, and palate) as

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rass respiration or deglutition, the operation certainly should not be post-

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and the arytenoid cartilages being left behind. The patient made an

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most useful is a solution of carbolic acid, one part to forty of water. If the

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complication is one that is almost certain to occur at some time in every

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disease arises from the fact that the diathesis, if believed in, may pre-

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were contiguous. My theory was that the child in its movements passed through a loop in

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