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agitated and cooked Into a hoooser^us sass. The time and tdm;»r8ture of t^1;ook1f% '

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onset, or at least may suddenly become Avorse. The distinction between gen-

identification and management intrathecal baclofen pump complications

- r Jf^nf '^"be snape). or accordinc to ?he^'r Tr?erio s?'ucturf

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considerable swelling of the affected parts. Sometimes traumatism apparently

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8. Trophic Disturbaxces. — The trophic condition of the paralyzed mus-

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noticed, and which we also have repeatedly, but not constantly, seen, especially

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the disease of the peripheral sensory neurons needs no furjther argument. It

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eratfmai ratfoM Mi tfttfr Intended tt$t. Olscuss deteriorative changes

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in conjunction with a tubercular caries of the spine. They are generally

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view. For this reason the courses have been planned with the view of presenting the

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Biological causative agents incite Insects, bacteria, viruses, and inolds. f>f^ica1 agents

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and chemistry at any of the Licensing Boards will be exempt from

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Women, Medical Jurisprudence. For students of the third cmd fourth

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departmentd of Medical science, yiz.— Anatomy ; Chemistry; M]ateri&

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or a brilliant mathematician, without regard to the necessary preliminary

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movements. The arms are frequently the most affected of any part; they

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surgery, with X-ray interpretation. M., 7:00-9:00 p.m. .2Mj. 24 hours. Autumn and

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Hilger Perry Jenkins, S.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery.

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compete for the valuable prizes annually offered by General Sir

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This is so for a residential university as to enforce one yearns

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favorably set col^, flavor texture, and retard enzysKt^c ict1«t« Preferably It. Is

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the growth requirements for nany bacteria (germs). Because milk 1s an ideal food for

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tion. This tremor affects the whole body or the extremities alone; it

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their contalnter. ^ ^"^^^^"^ ""^^^ ^° ^"^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^« ^^^e^ I

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medicine subject to approval by the Dean of Medical Students.

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due to a precipitation of proteid substances (globulins?). In healthy people

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and marked emaciation. In addition, there is also, as a rule, general weakness,

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sense in the arms, the patient with his eyes closed is unable to touch a point,

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conditions that might not improperly be included under the idea of " exudative

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or none at all. It is different, however, in the milder, curable cases. In

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cutter. For th s andlth^r ^eason^ tnt ' r'^*^^'^^ ^-^ desirable in nigh-qualUv

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Dublin. — Bom^n Catholic University of Ireland School of Medicine

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are naturally seriously impeded. The child - screams on being touched and

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what doses does baclofen come in

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