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mustache, but he had had no epistaxis, no serous nor bloody discharge

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realize that they are kept by the necessities of the case rather than by bolts

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The Ear: Its Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases. By Charles H. Burnett, M. D. Phil-

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in which a traumatic neurasthenic patient often holds the dorso-lumbar

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by the so-called eczema mari;inatum, and should bear its own name; that tinea

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in every way normal. For this severe pain, which troubled her for the

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irritatinc; substances have been brouorht into notice as invaluable in

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sis, and great constitutional disturbance. Excision of the head of the

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cases of dislocation of the lens, one upwards and inwards, the other down-

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earth ?'' But glory to his name, *^ He^^is faithful

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the principles of chemistry and with chemical manipulation, but it is chiefly

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morning of the seventh day I open the lids. Those who are them-

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eleventh was stillborn at full term. Labor natural. Cord came off seventh

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l^riest bf bor salvation ehfered* and wok his plaeio

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York city ; followed by a paper from Dr. George M. Sternberg, Surgeon-

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catheter not bloody. No other apparent injuries. A broad band of strong cloth,

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early stages, to destroy the continuity of all the nerve-fibres so effectu-

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ment of hearing was upon the same side as the lesion, which was of

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The fifth case was absolutely rebellious to treatment.

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series of years' service without a single day of rest, a not infrequent boast at

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which, as it seemed, the serum from the arachnoid escaped for two or

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with a view" to relieving this condition by incision of the fibrous band,

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inspiration than the middle, wliich chiefly subserve expiration. The

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to assess themselves proportionately. The certainty that, in future, an

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Then I remember when a great American gynecologist made his

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" But there is still another element which will tell still more against you.

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offers no pleasure whatever to the patient except what he may find in his

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tall cells, which from their form are rather to be classed among the cylindrical

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the disease. He has used with satisfactory results the following combination :

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one of the most able and accomplished gentlemen in his profession. The alder-

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they require at least certain modifications of education. The rancor that still

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plexus may play a part in this connection, for it is probable that it

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three weeks aud had been treated for " brain fever." When seen, complained

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out of the whole of the diseased bone. The bone after maceration was

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other times the feeling comes on an hour or two later ; it were greatly

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Pelvis. By George Holmes Bixby, M. D. (Reprint from Vol. I. Gynaecological Transac-

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same. This was done in the spring of 1877, the patient continuing as an out-

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