Akurit 3 Tablets

broken rib, two fractures of the neck of the femur, a dislocation of the shoul-
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A Catholic clergyman had been summoned, and, as I had unhesi-
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soaking in carbolic solution will render all such sterile.
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and have thus got above the heads of their medical students. The writer
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knowledge, had then existed — I mean the hospitals {Krankenhauser) ; but
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* Dr. Beevor. British Medical Journal, Nov. 3rd, 1888, p. 994.
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but was able to attend to his duties up to the time of his discharge, which took
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plained by an abnormally rapid ca])illary current in consequence of the
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that the name mucus, as generally applied, is a misnomer. What is
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jNIasius and Vaulair ^ were led by their experiments to conclusions

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