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ried out for a period of over fifteen weeks, showed unfortunately that the first
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A PARLIAMENTARY committee of the British Medical Association
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is very grave, every hour), at first (l<uj (uid nifjht without interruption.
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the centre of the pupil. This odd appearance is probably due to the
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in the two succeeding quinquenniads, and further increased to 2.0 in 1875,
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444 Epithelioma of the Lachrymal Gland. [October 18,
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pain of greater or less severity, sometimes intense and continuing for
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On microscopic examination in one case Friinkel found a true isolated
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are the rule with women who have borne children, and not the exception.
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instantaneous) ; (2) the small quantity of cocaine applied ; (3) the escape
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litth'. ha'nu)irha<;e and s<'arcely any pain dniini^ the operation.
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Thns we see tliat numerous causes of error bc.'set our thci-apeu-
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that disease, and terminate as an empyema. The pleural exudate varies
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As usual, a good deal of interest was shown in educational matters. Dr. T.
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foetal parts had been detected in the cyst by palpation.
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International Clinics. A quarterly of clinical lectures on medicine, neur-
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half years ago. At that time she was very thin, sallow, easily excited, and
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fossa of the skull, necessitating opening of the dura mater, blood may
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perfectly well. Desquamation had ceased; her skin had been cleansed
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Dr. Shavkhns remarked that he believed we had yet much to learn re-
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causes a little ill feeling ; but the fact that the arrangement exists is interest-
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gree higher than that of the right. At other times it was almost always lower
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patient is to do well, and this not on the ground of any preconceived
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observations, the remains of the first branchial cleft, and that the place
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an hour after the birth of the child. The milk came on the third day.
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two days. It originated in the iron pipes destined to convey the heat through
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or exudate discovered. Temperature, 100.2°. Child seemed drowsy.
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the American Dermatological Association. 7 p.m. — Dinner to the guests of

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