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liquid motions each day. Early in January, 1893, severe abdominal pain


swelling appears, nor any local redness, nor any increase of temperature in the

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thesia the muscles are relaxed, the eye loses its tension, and the diffi-

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foration. In head presentations, previa lateral or marginal, pains good,

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tritis and septicsemia. Circumstances seemed to involve one or two

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the part of friends when the confession of intended or attempted suicide was

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of its use being only slightly beneficial or wholly negative. The explana-

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taining each and every mineral found in the waters of Kreutznach, and, with

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This might, in the hands of a cautious person, prevent the further irritation of

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Insanity. Their symptoms and treatment. A manual for students

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When the exudation is sero-purulent or purulent, it is, in many case>,

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the action of the crico-thyroid muscle, and confirms his results, which,

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tices, abdominal fomentations, or the bed-pan are not left to wait the coming

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behind. He irrigated the healthy peritoneum in certain animals with

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degree of acuteness this subsides and disappears altogether in from six to

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the ulcer on the posterior wall of the vagina was excised, and the

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fasten it to the edge of the table ; this is, however, a much more expensive

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nerve elements. Yet on the other hand, with chronic changes e\ndent in

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acute thoracic diseases during pregnancy, which so often causes abortion

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will not be remarkable, and there ^Wll be no manifest limitation of the

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less iteration, that there is no pain — or that there is no this, or that, or

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ternal surfaces. It had the appearance of being carcinoma. The tumor was

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paper on the above subject, first calls attention to the mortality of phthisis,

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A country life abounds in 1>ottr these Jiinds of

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and constipation, tympanites being very troublesome at the latter times,

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ports of additional cases will tend to confirm or modify their conclu-

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gress was certainly a huge affair, but not otherwise remarkable in any

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Skptkmbkr 4, 1877. The business meeting being concluded, the annual

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