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Every asylum should be at once allowed a pathologist, resident or otherwise.

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of the Rhode Island Medical Society, and of the Franklin Philosophical Society, trustee of

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knee by his horse, causing a transverse fracture of the patella, the lower

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had subsided the fragments of the patella were drawn together by band-

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cated and domiciled as a true friend, we are regardless of his natural instinct.

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— We see in a recent exchange that Proska succeeded in quickly replacing

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body that dies has a grave-stone ; but most of the decent inhabitants do, from

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his paper on this subject, that supervening labors do not endanger the results of

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facial bones. In a boy of thirteen but a small portion of the helix and

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which Phihulelphia is notorious at this season, we have thus far enjoyed re-

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followed in a month by a second attack, which terminated in chronic

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of the text-books, that the accessory nerve contains the palatal motor

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where he soon obtained extensive and lucrative practice. During many years he had suf-

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the end-nucleus of the afferent fibres of the vago-glossopharyngeal nerve-

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lighting apparatus from the tube. The instrument should be with-

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dense, tirm look ; and an external laver showincr the same color as the

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from reports from the various districts. Connecticut held its eighty-sixth an-

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Miss Reich have taken their toll from the more patient and persistent.

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taken of this to get harmonic notes in which the trachea and bronchi

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from the nerve fibres actually damaged by the local process in the roots,

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position. I next sought for the portio vaginalis and fundus vaginai, but

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twisted and bent towards the right. The face was one complete ecchy-

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An examination of the child showed that the neck was very much

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Dr. Donkin ^ also advocates the use of a milk diet in certain inflam

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The Glen Flora, and other springs at Waukegan, Illinois, the " Powell,"


Therapeutics, Progress of 44, 116, 2ti, 275, 359, 439, 510, 590, 678, 830

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the drumhead when an effusion appears, cold applications over the mastoid,

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