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cess both in breadth and height of column in middle life ; in old age the col-

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and also to engage habitually in extra-professional labor and excitement; that

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IV. Inhibitory fibres from the skin to the neio-hborinor oranjxlia.

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langeal articulations. The phalanx of the first finger could not be found, but

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about an inch also commends this instrument. Dr. Ordway stated that the

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advise all who treat these diseases to beciome possessed of one.

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Avay the presence or absence of movement to light, or during accommoda-

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evening the pulse was the same, temperature 101.5°. No tenderness

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like that by subcutaneous injections. Neuralgia in the majority of cases is due

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and it allows Mr. Tait a means of putting his views correctly before us :

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lection. The collection represents sections in both vertical and horizontal

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by operation. Gummatic frequently give rise to a chronic and progressive

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ance dunng this session is eight hundred and one. Last year the number was

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grains) of antifebrin, quinine, naphthalin, or salol. The combination with

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and by what circumstances the character and products of irritation were chiefly

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more contraction of the vessels of the iris, thereby lessening the danger

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of blood becomes more rapid, and that the cervical sym[)athetic, while

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mine of wealth in the information presented regarding the literature of medi-

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in Hereditary Syphilis, by Dr. K. W. Taylor, of New York, were then read

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fever is not a disease to be treated by medicines "; or in the latest edition

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cause may often be alleviated, whether neuralgic, rheumatic, or even if caused

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attached tied, this proving to be the ureter. The operation was per-

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lymphatic of a horse, and injected into this some matter taken from a pock

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possible comfortable, allowed the full exercise of their limbs, and where

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suggested turning the face to the sacrum. The patient having been etherized

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there would be great difficulty in keeping a single one clean. About

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Hence he regarded the luemorrhages as analogous to capillary apoplex-

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the arteries and veins to the cause and the consequences of various lesions

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burning shames. We can never hope that charlatanism will become extinct.

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of the spinal column, with tearing of the dura, or rupture of the vessels of

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held September 27th, awarded the prize to an essay entitled On the Healing

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abdomen was then opened, and the young guinea-pigs were found in a

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oughly, and the patient loses the moral support of once exeroisino- his

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administration of nitro-glycerin or sodium nitrite, headache and other dis-

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tis parasitica (Klebs). Similar views have been expressed by Dickin-

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