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ment's notice for any part of the city. On the opening of the new building of
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may be peripheral, nuclear, or intermediate. According to Sir W.
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tion was substitutrd for it, and in spite of its nauseous taste was well
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directed to report to Surgeon J. B. Hamilton, poit of Boston.
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agree with Manz.^ The latter found these cell-heaps surrounded by a
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liberately runs risks as to escapes and even suicides, and so do our superin-
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fish was cut in two pieces, and these were placed in separate vessels, in
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1 Read before the Obstetrical Society of Boston, April 14, 1877.
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and a small portion of the bone along the edges of the fracture was removed
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patient went to the Lakeside Home, and I did not see him during the
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electrical axis would have been good enough for Einthoven.
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plegia the skin of the paralysed parts becomes harder, the epithelium
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I must work with great caution. If any of the veins of the bulbs were cut
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to either patient or practitioner. Benefit accruing to either would seem to
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and appreciation from each member of the class. Several years have passed since we were
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upon consideration of which case he advises the use of antiseptic injec-
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was at the time quite confined to his bed. I prescribed for him the three
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was one of distension of the gall bladder from obstruction of the cystic
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'* It has long been settled by the best pathologists that peritonitis is
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sio-ht in the eye affected, and sooner or later starts sympathetic trouble

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