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those we have to treat where there is greater need of improve-

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tested the scope of the rule of similars. Authority and too much

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for detecting antigens when identifying or typing bacteria (see

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tissues of the neck, are all of rare occurrence. The heart usually fails

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casuistic which I was obliged to use not giving me the necessary

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To attain that end, we must have something more, something

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Now, as the speaker used the first person plural in these

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center of the agar make a single streak with a culture

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Fig. 217.— Case IV. April 2, 1915. "Right" bundle branch block.

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beneath the colony. The hemolysin and lethal toxins are identical

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the disease. The right tonsil was partly covered by membrane. The child

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duction and the consequent deformity of the curve due to in-

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infrequently cure, from a single pilule of sulphur q> given at

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found regularly within 2 percent of the value measured

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which today are recorded as unnecessary. It was this great

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Terminations. — Is amyloid substance, once formed, ever reabsorbed ?

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but frequent result of treatment with the pollen to which the

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up and moving about the room the pulse was 82 ; not at all

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typhoid and tetanus bacilli ; or they may be fixed at one or both poles,

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There is, however, another aspect of this question. The study of the

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was entirely overcome, the bowels acting daily, and the size of

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a patient suffering from lupus with tuberculin, a local inflammatory reaction

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ment at the point of exit of the fifth nerve was cut the tumor

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P. malariae. The parasite causing quartan malaria. Chills and

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glycollate, agar and dextrose, to preclude incubation in

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missed with a mere laudatory notice. While we commend it for

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times, as in Case II, of considerable duration. Kuttner has

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scarlatina, or the intestinal lesion in typhoid. The local lesion is accom-

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removed with a sterilised platinum wire, is diluted with a drop of water,

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Every community has its prominent men and central figures. Such was the posi-

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(3) Sodium nitrite, 0.5 percent solution. Dissolve 0.5 gm of

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(6) Specimens of serum for antibody studies must be sub-

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