Benzac Ac Gel

present III the iiMieoiis iiieiiibiM lie of the intestine. Interesting' iiivc-
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M'ss.'In^ Injury In tl,,. M.iiMi r nr iiivlrr. ,'il>i|oiiiiii;il iiijiirii.s li, 1 li,. ki,
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cal valency lioiul ot" the ctiifra! eailMin atom, which thcrefdi-e must tie
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ll ».iln. .I..M .11 liir l.r.t iiiii. Thr ^i..ili. \..;v - ..1.11 .11 til, .,,,.,1.1 |i,i, .,i,.l ,1..<,. aciiil .it
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institution, exclusive of officers, is 2710 ; and the
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in the interstitial connective tissue, where the characteristic cell proliferation,
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atrophic forms usually come on earlier than the hypertrophic, which is more
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come this prejudice, and is desirous of further par-
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fact that the apices in many instances are not examined at all. In the
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33 cases and observed the interstitial tissue markedly increased in the puru-
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which he naturally calls dyspeptic phthisis, in which
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time and the efifects carefully noted. It is likely to do more harm than good.
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Treatment. — It is of course of primp importance to treat the primary
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the right foot gets cyanotic and painful, the lividity extends aoove the ankle,
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'','■•"'" ' "'"•" •'^''' •''"'•!'• ="'i'l is tl,e stimulant, whereas the vaseul.r
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inhihifory cITccts on the stomai-h rontvactions ot" the I'tniiUis may procciMl
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ning a rapid course. The histological type may not be fixed. Some of the
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l)ody witli thos,. froni electrodes placed diieell.v on the l.ase or apex of
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..iciiis piiri ixissii with till' incri-iiMini; tuniis ol" i1h> Ntntuacii, Init tiiat it
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be submitted to bome office. Un- Engineer, passenger, freight, or
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prostate receives fibers from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dorsal, the first,
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111' till' Viiirils ft'iiti'i'. as liy till' picsi'iii'c ul" a tuiiinr iir ji lilniid clnt in ll'
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the vascular tufts, me angiosarcoma, which is seen in the more typical form
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with III' witliiiiit .'I iiiH'Iriis, iiii. ciiiitiiiiiiiii; liiisii- slniiijnu' ui'iiinil
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converte,! trypsin in the intestine, I.eing activate,! by contact with
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elevation of temperature, and for a day or two the tongue is furred and
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the condition of the kidneys. The ureteral orifices can be carefully exam-
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pessiire ajjplied locally in the liiilliar reirion, where the |>reseiiee of a
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foiin ro jHiil watiT. anil tlic Ii'smt porti f tlii'M' ili'iii.'iits licini: I'on
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llii' (■niniiM,ii> Miliiiii.' <i|' siliiir s.iliitioii whicli ciiii l>c sinu ly iiijccli.i
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man who drinks a glass of wine at dinner or who takes a little whisky and
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lilanini.iis int.nn.stals is i,l,nlii-al uilli that i.l' tlii. cxtrrnal in-
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ate an excess of salted food in his day, were as prone to calculi as others,
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tlie itilhiliieil area ami dues nut shil't to other Jiarts nt' the liiniy nilih '

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