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connection with tlie cerebral symptoms just mentioned, authorized him
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paralytic phenomena are present, though life may be spared, the j)aticnt
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the calculus is removed. There is a tendency to recovery in that case which
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with cerebellar tumor than with any other variety, although, as I have said,
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The treatment of this condition is to puncture each cyst and enlarged
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his treatment as soon as the acute stage had passed.
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1 Read before the Suffolk District Medical Society, March 31, 1877.
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nance, making the more rigid bronchi reflect and increase the res-
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minute hemorrhages into the intestinal portion of the membrane.
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In five cases number and severity of attacks both diminished.
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to the medical student ? To what extent should it be pursued ? and When
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is also the cause of anaemia and of cerebral symptoms.
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periarteritis ; sometimes the one, sometimes the other coat of the vessel
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somewhat dilated, the iris flattened against the cornea and looking as if degen-
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cles, as we have seen in some of the workmen examined. It well
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mation of the throat occurring during the acute stage of scarlet fever was
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In 1859 Dr. B. E. Getting published a paper on Diphtheritis, or the
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of the solid extract. Though I admit the value of opium and the bromides
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fuses the interior of the auditory sac with the first branchial fissure ; the
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the limitation of this was not readily defined. There was no distension of
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of l)eing increased by atropine and its congeners, or of being diminished
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above named arrived at the point of applying the results given by pure
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ease was primarily of the encephalon and secondarily of the ear, and
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idents, Drs. BicMit, Dununt, Odier ; secretaries, Drs. Lombard and Petavel.
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bulging vulvar tumor. Dr. Buckingham making firm pressure mean-
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be due to direct lesion of these bodies, or merely to pressure upon the
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manv of the salts of iron' in solution. Tliis extract is manufactured in
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1023. Albumen two per cent. Hyaline and epithelial casts, with a few blood
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enough. All have expressed themselves as pleased with the country and
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swollen to a very considerable extent, and for a very considerable time,
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that may occur, though they may not all be present in any one case. The same

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