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a. Dehcum. a Text-hook of Nervotis Diseases, 1895. — 4. Pepper. A System of

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been cut three times. For many years he thought he was doing very well,

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Cask II. Poljiitrld. — May 3()tli. ('. f^., aged tliirty-Kcvcn, laborer. Has

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seem to me to be getting bigger and bigger. I have seen of late the most

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the Medical Society of University College, London, on " Methods of Anato-

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to make a law condemning to banishment '' those who do anything by

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6th to the third Vermont regiment as hospital steward, served as contract sur-

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of medicine and surgery give a clear, practical idea of what was intended, and

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\ hieh ultimately contracts the boundaries in every direction. The cause

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grains. Fox has maintained that the contents of the vesicles were sweat,

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compressed, the patient is kept in a state of almost constant suffering.

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ery. — P. McN., of medium size and stoutly built, a laborer, thirty-three

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OB-GYN remained the students' dilemma. The vanishing cervices, contracting uteri, and

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— Under the title Piiciimonie Fever, Dr. Austin Flint communicates to

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Catheterism. — Du. Chadwick described a method of passing the female

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scend into the silent grave, and view the putri<^

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It being the right arm I clasped the patient's right hand with m} left, with

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evidence which caused the conviction of all the prisoners. Theie is a vast

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The condition of the abscess, its size, and the thickening of the dura

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the knee, and was more than pleased to see the perfect apposition in

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Medical Examiners Bronson, Presbrey, Dwelly, Lamb, Snow, Dyer, Hil-

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from the point of view of diagnosis, is the prominence of meningitic and

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line aperient may be advisable. By this plan of treatment the inflammation

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copious evacuations, considerable pain was observed, while in cases of

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difficult and unwise, and the unavoidable resistance which it induced

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the paretic parts (for example, swollen or red suggesting vaso-motor

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