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June 4th, it was voted that no dissertation worthy of a prize had been offered
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Schenk recapitulates the mistake of Valentin, made in 1847. Mr.
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half of very offensive fluid of a dirty-green color escaped per vaginam.
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church, and they acquired by and by, although not through the express
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the announcement, the object, we understand, being to stimulate original re-
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like the last condition, was formerly regarded as the result of venous
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series of independent kingdoms arose out of the ruins of his conquests, the
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evajioration excited by the fire generaiee cold, and
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unnecessary to follow the example of some Continental authorities, and
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was imi)ossible because our asylums have no registration of accidents, and
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vitality, and made as brave a fight against the dread enemy as I have ever
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mistaken for a meningitis ; for the two conditions have nothing in
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standing the great advance which has recently been made in the study of
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eruption in the so-called dysidrosis, but when older they became semi-
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found in tabes dorsalis and syi'ingomyelia. On the other hand, they may
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This syni]>t()m was iiotirod from tlic first, but linrl not inrroasod, iiideed
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prove more creditable not to undertake its defense." We have not the least
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T fracture of tlic femur is a comparatively rare accident, and when
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joints and the epiphyses. It is, of course, possible, in this short paper,
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Christmas, have strawberries in February, require a blanket on a summer
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though when the City Hospital was opened he was pressed to accept one.
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be the result of interference Avith the pupillary fibres of the sympathetic.
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to map out the spot on the chart. If this can be done with fair accuracy
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On examination a large cauliflower excrescence was found on the perinceum,
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state which may be brought about by very various causes, and is con-
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clot, or to division of the cord." It must, moreover, be admitted that
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plished is the reduction of temperature, or rather the keeping of the tempera-

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