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cases. Whenever severe pain in the back exists, especially if accompanied

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twenty-three years old, of light make, who had been an otiicer on a sailing

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round. The air is much drier here than in Santa Barbara or other places on

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lobes not abnormal. Peritoneal surface of intestines in part smeared over

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Iron, for example, he does not find often indicated in many cases.

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tion, they found another child's head presenting in the vagina, but the

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tumor. The breasts were enlarged, and milk had flowed from the nipples ;

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In withdrawing it pass the little finger, instead of the plug, into the speculum.

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ports ^ a remarkable case of ])igmented naevus, distributed in the form

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intact, even in the presence of a purulent meningitis, provided the pia

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ous discharge, and then at intervals of three, four, five, and six days.

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failure of the heart's action at any time. The disease gradually wore away,

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was now able to sit np« bot oootinoed quite feeble, and complained mach

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(1(J.) Alter oue year's work completely cri|)})led, having paralysis of

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characteristic of the month of August, and, we might add, of our climate.

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of the above plan is to have thoroughly drilled men for the respective positions

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Sometimes tliere is a very narrow white riii<]; wholly round the cornea,

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giving the patient the advantage of it at once, and why put off an opera-

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Pacific surgical practice. It has a large number of illustrations, many of

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influence of morphia ; when the child was born it was very much as-

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acid thus formed is still further oxidized and converted into water and

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portant article happens to be the last, On Epilepsies and on the After-Effect

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his case, and have something done for him, if possible, before they

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pupil was slightly dilated, but there was no paralysis. There were two

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servers outside of watering-places would generally concur.

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but not in transient cases, and Dr. Harris thinks that the apparent

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iston, of Philadelphia. We have found it very convenient. It was the first and for many

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tic point of view, when occurring after the twelfth day. Fat persons and those

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Dr. Wadswortii showed, with the fixed ophthalmoscope, pulsation of the

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tendance before her death. Twenty-four hours before death (which was in

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three hours before he considered the child out of danger.

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Here, then, was a case which, in the absence oi post-mortem examina-

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means of a swab, as spraying of the usual cavities with a strong solution

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react to diffuse daylight. More exact observation would show that the

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eight, twenty -nine presented indeed variations from the normal stand-

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