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dition : He was very pale, flaccid, respiration easy, no puffing of the
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perature : once only, before the near approach of death, did the ther-
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been displaced inward by the curving of the limb, and did not fit well
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ings of the patient were of the worst character, the family being desti-
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on empyema, and said it was apparently one of the most hopeless cases for
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always the case. On the other hand, it seems possible that in some cases
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piration 26. Tube has been cleaned twice only since its introduction.
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The second clipping of the card will expose to the first institution such and
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with soft rubber, have been popular because of their comparative harmlessness
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each a minute cutaneous vessel, the lumen of which is filled with micrococci.
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would be soft. The strength of alcohol was not sufficient to keep a brain in
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be due to variation in the composition of the drug. My own experience
(i) In the pregnant woman. To over-threatened asphyxia consequent
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have been announced in addition to those printed in the Journal of June 7.
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Trophic changes. — This is not the place to enter into a discussion of
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hosi)ital diseases where patients are congregated together, as in a ward,
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memory good, and no intellectual trouble whatever. He has never had
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however, that some of the cases owe their origin to syphilis ; and to my
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The distinction of meningitis from tetanus must be based on the
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The damao-e liable to result under certain circumstances from bacte-
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come from Gloucester, England, during the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell.
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to cause an immediate rise in the temj)erature of the leg operated on,
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The specimen to be drawn having been first focused, the eye will have a pict-
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(unfortunately no microscopic examinations were made) that the gan-
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lial wall is stratified and composed of pavement cells. The pouches,
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would allow it to. He thought it impossible to clean out the contents of the
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marks, by invitation, upon the climate of California, especially of Santa Bar-
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processes of the cells situated in the jugular and petrosal ganglia and the
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When not to make a permanent opening, in cases of pleuritic effusion, Dr.
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It will be manifest, from what has already been said of the arrange-
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tary Public Health Associations, to study for themselves the conditions of

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