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stant relationship to the causation of postoperative

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changes in the body ; the so called functional indi-

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as an aid in surgical tuberculosis, I know of nothing

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is the ideal cystoscope, — one of his own design, in

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charts were as a rule about normal ; sometimes there

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this accounts to a certain extent for the large niun-

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very profuse, purulent, thick, and creamy. Upon agar-

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their pages to fiction of a distinctly inferior rai^k.

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modia in the red blood cells, Mallory of a protozoon

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M. D., LL. D., F. R. S., Professor of Pathology in McGill

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is also used as a local anaesthetic when myringotomy

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Proctor. — In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday,

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in October; exceptional conveniences; sleeping room and meals if

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mately $200,000. The building material will be brick and

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reluctant to impart any intormation and regarded inquiries

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elasticity in their muscular fibres permittmg dila-

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logical action of the atropine, the heart reflex is

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tated and neurotic take to it readily, and the poorer

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Cas.\d.-\v, George H., D. S. September 3d, left from duty

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cases of cerebrospinal fever, 4 of diarrhoeal diseases, and

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Surgeon J. B. Stoner, chairman ; Surgeon J. H. Oakley,

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and printing ; and that any or all features by which

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Fowler position cannot be overestimated, as this is

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from 32 to 56 per cent. ; polymorphonuclear neutrophiles,

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curve of a surface is not too great, those points of the

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Division, to take effect upon the arrival in San Fran-

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the treatment of this disease, especially in the bones

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ment and the I\Ianual contain all information which is

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His speech had improved and tongue and pharnyx paralysis

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