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the mixed system, partly volumetric and partly gravimetric, now in
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perceptibly in advance of left, though the latter symptom was not afterward
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to concomitant injury of the cord ; this question will be considered more
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left after evaporating this solution to drvness gives a blue solution if
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(hiy the hid had a severe rigor, pulse rose to 120, temperature to 102-|-°.
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conditions. The usual method of stating this is by giving the ratio of deaths
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Unquestionably syringomyelia, whether accompanied by gliosis
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the stone, and, finally, the complete though somewhat tardy closure of
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even if such wounds expose whole or fractured bone ; for pure subsulphate of
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the tumor is a slowly growing one. The distinctive symptom of tumors of
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on after forced imprudence in diet ; every subsequent attack was preceded by
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phate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and
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sisted by Dr. Fohvell. We found cancer of the mesentery, with nu-
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During this long period of menstrual irregularity and recurring uter-
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2. This is that place which is marked out in scrip-
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affections in which toxic influences disturb nerve function, and perhaps
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read a very interesting paper, April 5th, before the members of the historical
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never later, never earlier. As a rule, the secretion begins with the fall of
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the members of our society for something to bring on her courses, as
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Bernhardt, in Virchoius Archiv^ states that this is not enough for a
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opaque and shriveled, and dried up without forming crusts. The lesions
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press forward toward the goal of perfect cleanliness, which, after all, is the
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upon his back, and pulling out the tongue, he revived.
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about declaring tuberculosis to be as contagious as smallpox and scarlet

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