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had been tapped over and over again, the radical cure having been
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rately described and traced through its various modifications by Prof. Calvin
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severe drainage of the portal system, whereby the * loaded ' liver may
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followed by the expulsion, per vaginam, of a certain fleshy substance, a speci-
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In reviewing the case and making the diagnosis of extra-uterine pregnancy,
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they are burnt as soon as they have been once employed. This disposes
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moment. So too a cerebral haemorrhage which bursts into the lateral
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open method. It is a practice that should only be followed in a few
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222 Connecticut River Valley Medical Association. [August 23,
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pared with Kissingen it contains the same amount of chloride of sodium, as
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being used to extend the incision downward. Once the finger can be
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are carried out, — and they nuxy require three or more months, — then
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an ophthalmic specialist than to a general physician ; and the manifold
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the 6th, with relief to the pain in the back ; an enema produced a co-
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and contains, besides several special papers, the answers from correspondents
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the past year, and shows that there is a great tendency to resort earlier to
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emy of Sciences, wished to see this branch in session, and a special meeting was
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it had been on the left, and soon extended to the arches of the palate
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j)regnancy is sometimes due to the effects of position ; and that some
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symptoms in a given case will, of course, depend on the seat of the lesion.
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through the meninges at the seat of extravasation, and are irritated by
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98° F. The patient was of lymphatic temperament, but had had good
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the anterior part of the middle fossa, chiefly about the cavernous sinus ;
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by clinical demonstration in cases where the anatomical relation of the parts
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monia, and shake. If the amyl alcohol becomes decolorized, and the
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ters of an inch in diameter, perfectly straight, boston.
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American discovery of sulphuric ether as an anesthetic, we are told of Simp-
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dej)ressed, and seemed impacted. With care and patience I succeeded
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Trousseau suggests, there was doubtless extensive rupture of the capil-
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children born to one fatal accident of childbed; in 1874 the number was one
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they have a more easy access to their airing courts, and the attendants
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perchloride of iron was applied, with a pad and bandage, which stopped
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Messrs. Editous, — In the Journal of June 14th, Dr. Aaron Y^oung
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erected in spite of its thickness ; and further, the sehaceous follicles do not
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present council, secured the degradation of the matriculation standard,
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are five fundamental colors, viz., Prussian blue, chrome yellow, silver
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operations of his mind are still obvious in the mechanical and architect-
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the result was the formation, in a very few hours, of adhesions which
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hymen and vaginal entrance, which were very extensively torn at the
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lead. The semi-powdered metal, having been shoveled into barrels
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fected. The primary disease of the vestibule, he thinks, was most prob-
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twenty-nine tons to suffice for the wants of this presidency.

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