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not inconsiderable number of cases the continuous bath appears to

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report the meeting tells us he had so much difficulty in even seeing

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sets in, is rendered possible. The mucus is obtained after placing the

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it, the liver converts it into sugar. The liver only does this

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40 calories ; at moderate work, 40 to 50 calories. A calorie,

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prolonged hot or cold hip baths (of one or two hours' duration) pro-

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inches. The mean temperature is about 56.5° F. ; average

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commended by Weir Mitchell; the wet pack, followed by the half-

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effect of alcohol on bodily temperature. When a man takes

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applications act inversely by maintaining a passive heat.

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in rooms at Ninth and Chestnut Streets, which afterwards

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■ Tn till- Proidcnt and ^lembcrs of the Council of the College

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T am appealing to you folks, because it is to you that the future

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ventive lies in some restriction upon the amount to be paid for

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woollen socks wrung out of cold water and covered with dry woollen

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either upon a localized tuberculous area in the lung, tuberculous pleurisy

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fessor of obstetrics rarely touched a knife, and, indeed, the

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under appropriate surroundings may lead to recovery. In chronic phthisis

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very large amount. This was the average for fourteen days.

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Jaundice may be observed in all types of the affection, though, on

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hull. When fresh they have a fine flavor. As they grow old

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counted by the Thoma-Zeiss method, the haemoglobin ascertained by

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change Color — The Apple — Varieties of Apples — Varieties of Peaches

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MacKenzie's and ]\Iusser's statistics are equally corroborative.

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Historic Note. — Cerebro-spinal meningitis was first recognized

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great increase in the fruit in the markets. They have been

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the latter obtains a valuable guide for future conduct. If the washings

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the cubic centimetre, and the leucocytes had increased 800. The change

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analysis of 2122 cases of malaria typhoid fever Avas associated in 8.^

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no pus. There are some glaring defects yet that I am sure

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hog-feed. Corsa thinks the mast fed to cows would give a

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does not prevail in an epidemic form where vaccination is practised with

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only scientific contribution to hydrotherapy yet made in this country, Dr.

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this is the best apple by odds I have ever eaten." It is the

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