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spinal fluid ; from all of which sources they may be cultiA^ated on artificial
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coloriiiir matter to contain arsenic, that the selection of tlic most con-
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})iero-earmine. These latter arc excellent for coloring sections of skin. The
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otology by Drs. Burnett and Blake, such as has usually appeared in tlie trans-
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the principal centre of the town of Beverly, which is thickly settled and has a
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good and light instrument, made to pack into a portable box, can be
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an exacerbation, then a remission. An exacerbation may come on quite
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The author recognizes the following clinical types :
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Bright's disease, acute, with severe uraemic convul-
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simple excess of electrical stimulation. The latter statement is doubt-
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and have thus got above the heads of their medical students. The writer
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The first chapter of the book before us is devoted to a very interesting history
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saw the abscess was found to be very large ; it extended upward nearly
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ness " was October 5th, 1892. Within two weeks after she entered the
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to the influence of the lead after befjinnino; the use of strono; stimu-
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There was no voluntary motion, no facial paralysis, no haemorrhage
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labor pains for a long time, I inserted my hand again and found that
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as thoroughly as it could be by repeated ablutions of warm water and
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and in order before an operation. The senior on the medical side takes his-
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for the space of at least one and three fourths inches. The peculiar stellate
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cular and dilated by atropine. The appearance of the fundus was a
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bone, or even to the existence of an abscess in the dura mater or in the cere-
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one fourth of a grain of nitrate of pilocarpine produced abundant sweating and
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colored plates. Publisher, W. B. Saunders, 925 Walnut Street, Phila-
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students than it is when made to an audience composed of your readers. Uec-
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Dr. Enders's views concerning the relationship between leprosy and
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On external nianipulation I discovered what appeared to be uudoubtedly an
achieved without visualization, at arm's length, with the left hand of a right handed person,
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be made with delicacy, in order to avoid contraction of the muscles of the
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E. Kiilz ^ mentions a specimen of diabetic urine, which, when undi-
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beneficial in all cases where a prolonged action of iodine is desirable
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principle that no departure from it is allowable." Dr. Sheppard expresses a
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The immediate effect was a permanent diminution of the arterial sup-
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