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On the second day after a large dead child, weighing about ten pounds, was

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and in more than one it was feared that he would die. His attacks of

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they are not, in the curable stage at least, even admitted to the public hospi-

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return of the fever since. One would imagine that this little incident alone

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Dr. Homans inquired whether the duration of whooping-cough had been

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cornua. Other lesions of the cord often coexist, as sclerosis or softening.

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ishly used or " abused, cases in which it was difficult to determine to

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sible for repair. The rapidity with which large psoas and spinal ab-

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writer has seen several instances of this, and has been struck by the

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drunkenness during the same year to enter an ale-house, even if he is hungry.

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and sixty-nine deaths in childbirth, nineteen deaths from puerperal convulsions,

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orrhages which demoralize patient and friends, when, as frequently

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and Dr. Heggie, of Brampton, are mentioned as probable candidates.

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at the end of four weeks was covered with a dense pannus.

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Dr. Ullman [Internat. Klin. Rundschau), after using europhen for over

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but in certain cases there was no such evacuation, although adhesions

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everv case small initial dosi's, which arc n^raduully increased till the

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tains the good reputation acquired by its predecessors.

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few years in the Maternity Hospital of New York. The antiseptics used

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latter affection in the early stage is sometimes accompanied by so great

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pulmonary vessels may also relieve the bronchial vessels. Whatever ex-

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change was led up to by a long series of battles, that, for the most part,

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had attended many lectures, listened to oral examinations, read examination

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