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journalism of the world, and all the prominent professional periodicals of both hemi
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matic phenomena, as pernicious intermittent fever. In cases in which
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Ergot, belladonna, the bromide of potassium, cod-liver oil, oil of turpen-
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coincidence is possible, but vastly improbable. Even when paralysis is
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" latent t3'phoid fever." The3' are called b3^ some German writers cases
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lated strand, destitute of clear cytoplasm (figs. 10, 13^, 14, 15,
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ponding to the situation of the tumor ; and is always referred to the occi-
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Herrick, C. L. 1893 Topography and histology of the brain of certain reptiles.
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occurs between the age of'six months and of three years. The usual his-
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esses are much more marked. It must be noted that the
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Cajal. In my preparations these nodes came out partially dif-
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movements to a certain degree cause a fall of blood-pressure
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ished, as a rule, in proportion to the intensity of the disease. Jenner and
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vessels of the pia mater are injected. The subarachnoid liquid is wanting.
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geon, according to my method of suture with lateral incisions ;
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coagulation of fibrin within the artery, the clot, or thrombus, being caused
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of the paroxysm, the incomplete loss of consciousness, and the occurrence
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thrilling motion, the sensation which we call fremissement.*
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nately' , in many cases, is practicable only to a limited extent. The pros-
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less. Intestinal hemorrhage, if profuse, involves a certain amount of dan-
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is quite clear from the number of persons of the same family
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tent fever, together with the i)resence of dark pigment in the blood (raela-
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cut at successive levels through fifteen outer pillars. In their
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are five or six cornered, but there are many four-cornered and
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sometimes produced by exposure to the direct rays of the sun. An ana-
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Rostrally of the main ganghon, two of the larger strands enter
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sence of albumen in the urine, the quantity is usually notably lessened ;
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withstanding this partial debility, is sthenic at its outset. This
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the amoeboid gUa cells takes place. In the acid-fuchsin-light
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peso durante la primera parte de su permanencia en el liquido
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of this structure. In Ameiurus brain the net-work appeared in
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minute bodies are found to be immature taeniae, and they are called echi-
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the urine, in conjunction with general symptoms. In addition to the pre-
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also demonstrated as clean cut dark brown fibers simultaneously
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