Cataflam Novartis

Grand, Thomas Lettis. — Junior Glass : Silver Medal :
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existence of the disease. The same remark is applicable to
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and the electro-chemical ones, with which we are more familiar ; on
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son has removed them by two lateral incisions ; also,
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Besides being, what only one other Scotchman, we believe,
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further monies to be provided for the said purpose by
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the same as yesterday ; temperature at axilla 96; at palm
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been too frequently overlooked, and the two diseases con-
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fact that there were established Societies, bearing
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rose hue on some parts, and of the cineritious colour of the
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anything without rest — that is to say, rest to the
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temperance is destructive of health and the real en-
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With this, I give compoitnd rhubai-b pill at night ;
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less attention has been hitherto devoted than it merits to a sub-
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tish Guy Patin ; and any one who knew that remarkable man,
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phic tout entiere, ce dieu abstrait et vague dont nous
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listen to now as it could have been to his thoughtful
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locomotion, and other paralytic disorders, is highly
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dark, and so full of spirit ;' his compact broad fore-
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swelling, the patient had acute pain in and around the
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and it was, therefore, resolved that the subject should
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Director-General — the Ai-niy IVIedical Service ; and
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Elizabeth Jones, aged 40 years, a domestic servant,
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etc.,' were Ssed to the arm and shoulder; and aloetic
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British Medical Journal.] DK. RADFORD ON CESAREAN SECTION.
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deaths were respectively, 15,197, 15,866, 17,717, and
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remained in the same state as on the day previous, and the conjunctiva
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perate, central. His religion grows up, effloresces
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At the end of twelve hours, the dog was nearly dead;
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at a later period in the year proved that, with a ten-
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