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las' pouch. I have ceased to use this appliance, and it would not appear
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operation, while aseptic methods have greatly aided in diminishing the
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any specific book is allowed. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner
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RESIDENTS IN OPHTHALMOLOGY, left to right: Drs. George
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errors of diagnosis will explain in part, perhaps, the
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being intact, and often without any symmetry on the two sides ; indeed,
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and also in some degree by reason of the unusual character of the
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June 4th. Reports that he has no sensibh; perspiration. No sensitiveness in
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and the gestation had advanced as far as the fifth month before the death of the
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tions. Opportunities for such examinations have not, however, been as
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AUmentanj canal. — In extensive crushing lesion of the cord, with
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there is a passive congestion, and if these are continued for a long term
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It will be seen that these figures are confusing, and that although, in
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of our profession, including all who are really high-minded.
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grow with the growth of the city, for it expressly provides that the city engi-
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ening the new one to the old, you avoid the painful operation of repassing
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by the Christian Scientists, into whose line of thinking the patient, and,
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had been buried ten years. The hair was as lirm as during life, and had
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attai'k \v;is rep(>ak'(l after two distinct administrations of the dru^^, and
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as a typical case of chronic lead poisoning, I w^ill give in more or less
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At the eighty eighth annual meeting of the Medical Society of the State
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1876, at the Chambers Street Relief Hospital, with only a capacity of twenty-
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it was now plain that there were two. 'J'here was no hieniorrliage. A
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been strongly opposed to washing out the chest except under very special
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the sexual appetite is for a long period of years denied.
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definite atrophy as a result of destruction of cells of the ventral horns, or
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The book opens with an excellent and most instructive article on " The
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saw the abscess was found to be very large ; it extended upward nearly
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substance in the former. It is plausible that during life this interfibrillar
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element in the production of puerperal fever, — and to prevent its gen-
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of 1848 of those in the Worcester Asylum, that they are *' rooms having
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to pressure on the nerve by the inflamed and swollen tissues.
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352 A Case of Peculiar Unilateral Tremor, [September 27,
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tious food and permitting each man to eat as much as he wishes is much better.
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ature fell from 103° the previous evening to 100° in the morning and
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Each graduating class leaves behind a personality peculiar unto itself. No class, however,
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visits. In the latter part of June, after getting very much fatigued one

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