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Surgeou-Captain J. F. Batesoi^, M.B,, is seconded for service with the
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of past officers to the institution. Many of the portraits
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Degrees.— At the Congregation on .\pril 2tfth the following degrees
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through the rectus muscle in the middle line and point above
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PiRiE, William Rattray, MB., CM., M.A., late Resident Physician and
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cannot be accepted as constituting simplification. A recent
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quisite pain felt in the first part of the monthly sickness is
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at the same time its specific gravity fell from 1036 to 1030 —
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A COMMITTEE 'df the Bridgnorth rural sanitary authority have led that
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Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any
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be answered diflerently by different observers. Personally I
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all their efl"orts will succeed in making the old convicts'
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Enquiry into the. Cause of Natural Death from Old Age, many
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the opening should be made at the back of the stomach, as it

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