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ly swept every morning by the owners or occupants of property adjacent, the dirt
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But as I feel confident that I can cure almost all cases of falling of the womb better
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and through that the child may be injured. Says a writer. " There is greater vaiiation
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the arm always ceased during sleep, but returned immediately on waking, and
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Hair distribution: The scalp is covered by long, dark, kinky
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this source. In truth, I have cured many cases of consumption induced by syph-
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trunks, as observed in Surgical Practice. By Jonathan Hutch-
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had no temperature. The attack lasted a day and he was well
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powers of vitality that life necessarily becomes extinct on the threshold of
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to medical geography, as weU as to the nosological and hygienic
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we should not only better know how to treat each individual case, but our
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30 i" Bay, that the strong sexual desire experienced arises merely from
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nised teachings of physiology^ demonstrated as binding together
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Antidiphtherin (an-te-dif'ther-in). A derivative from cultures of
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and later on the interpretation of the findings. Remember that,
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crowding of uie dwellings of the labouring classes in urban and
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deserted and left chargeable to the parish. The committee consider
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limbs and ankles, which had latterly been worse. Ten days before ad-
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1868.] Notes on the Cholera Epidemic in 1865-66. 181
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note that with a single dose of atropin these symptoms would
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fibres, since it precedes the pressure of the abdominal walls. These
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in such a manner that they are always separated from the muscles
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a denial to them as representing the extent of lunacy prevalent
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The spreading of the cholera from individuals recently arrived
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Further, the two authors follow a similar plan in introducing
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influence in the production of sympathetic iritis was displayed by a
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above the clavicle, and dulness in the first and second interspaces
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as before, the disease being reduced to one-tenth of its extent, but it
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reviewing my series of non-fatal cases. In the mean time I may
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As we simimarize with this chart before us (Fig. 126), we
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*from the small number of my observations, I must say that von
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stones, or appendicitis should be carefully recorded.
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When the top of the womb Calls forwards, it impinges on the hack part and top
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among the people in any other way. God instituted a road through which the
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formations. Seeing that this follicular increase may go ou
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fore, that a people dwelling in poverty, dwell also in i
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The chapters on twins and the laws of their production are
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