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Pliiladolpliia men arc jul)ilant over the settlomeiit of tlic pliarmacopcjcia
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and after the use of the curette or forceps in the removal of the smaller intra-
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self or by his assistant, M. Kuhn, confirmed him in this opinion. In every
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whom I recall who spej^ks decidedly on the necessity of draught, says
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Thi'ough the intermediation of the ciliary ganglion the iris receives motor
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the trustees in 1825 the immediate erection of the " lodge."
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rme Anderson, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics; and Dr
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attack of colic. The bowel above becomes paralyzed, hence early fecal
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advocate of the antipyretic treatment by means of cold baths and the sulphate
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Thus, in seventeen of the one hundred and forty cases the mother
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other, medical traditions have still been preserved. The terminology of
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To the elaborate papers of Markoe, in the New York Medical Journal
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thoracic regions, in connection with a purulent external meningitis,
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would give an annual average of a little more than five interments. But in
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the patient frequently becomes blood poisoned before any septic element
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Case of Threatened Mammary Abscess from Ulceration of the Nipple. —
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two different thermometers, and may be relied upon as being correct.
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liminary to the application of the forceps, but the latter were unnecessary as
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oi'igin in the dnra mater, the ligamentum denticuhitum, the arachnoid, or
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considered one of the best, were kept in stone cells in the cellar ; and
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on two different occasions into the bladder, after first filtering in Chamber-
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across the abdomen and across the back ; the pain was severe. At first
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proved a disturbing element in the subsequent plan of treatment adopted
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applied at once after being heated it cannot be applied without re-
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left side, which soon passed away, leaving her as well as ever. For several
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M.D. ; J. Mitchell Bruce, M.D., F.R.C.P. ; and David W. Finlay, M.D.,
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the diagnostic confusion of pharyngeal diphtheria witli comparatively
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"Where tumours seem to have followed exposure to cold or wet it
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substance is poisonous though insoluble in water. In two cases young chil-
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zontal attitude his cough returned, and he was at times almost choked by
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Typical Case of Addison's Disease, with Remarks. By George Ross, A- M., M. D.
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passed per vagi'nam, owing to the presence of a uretero-vaginal fistula. As
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been similarly affected. The knee had from the first been very decidedly

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