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February 25, 1870. Robert W., aged fourteen years, was taken with

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In the spring of this year these symptoms increased, particularly after some

genf20 plus negative reviews

into apposition without tension, must be looked upon as more venturesome

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Chronic iritis may be known from the history of a previous attack,

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house. 1 found tlie patient lying on the sofa, apparently siitfering a good deal

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requires a graded course of three years' study of nine months each, with rec-

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cough, with profuse but difficult expectoration. His pulse was frequent,

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Min«.bj which oie^ns 9he ^is oo other thao imUiiso

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lows: 7th. Albumen one fourth of one per cent. No casts. 9th. Albumen one

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able impression on the circulation in the brain, and this impression is

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Medical Congress at Rome, read a paper on this subject. He based his

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the field thoroughly examined before proceeding further. This manoeuvre

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and Dr. Heggie, of Brampton, are mentioned as probable candidates.

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Special Report on the Climatic Influences and Health Resorts in the Western Territories.

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so taught that each student will receive direct personal instruction. Final

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lowed soon after with one fourth grain more. In two hours the narcosis be-

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tercourse to any properly (pialitied practitioner who can conscientiously and

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each side of the bed, closely adapted to the patient, who lies in the

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three fourths drachms. Immediately afterward his son, Samuel W. Gross, re-

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taiaed that ther showed a teodencj to appear at about nine o'clock in

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detinite compound different from that usually observed in pliarniacy,

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sults from similar " mansions for the sick," built of thatch and board, — at these

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the cathartic action these experiments show that sodium sulphate, mag-

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treatment if any signs of exacerbation appeared during the course of

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the absence of induration and fixation of the surrounding tissues, such

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cervix. By these terms are meant the formation of numerous cysts

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opinion that the sending to such altitudes any patients other than those in

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opium, are exhibited in pill form three times a day after meals. Under this

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in position by a cap which passes over the ends of the handles. When

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When the free ends are drawn upon, the loops, of course, disappear.

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