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delphia, is very complete. The subject is reviewed in all its branches, there
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traction, during which the symptoms may come on. He points out
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hypoglossal nerve, but it is doubtful whether this be so. The latter con-
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ered thirty-eight times in three hundred and eighty-four labors, and
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I was hastily summoned early in the morning of the third day to find
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official compounds. On account of the decomposition of nitro-glycerin in
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in a way not altogether pleasant, and not altogether cheap. However,
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lation emj)loyed by these observers was rather more rapid (intervals of
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held at West Point, N.Y., May, 1893. Edited by Floyd M. Crandall, M.D.
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began to complain of sharp shooting pains through the lower pai't of the
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having a miscarriage. He left her comfortable. At two p. m. he was
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tion to draught, anteriorly or posteriorly, in the nose, such as catarrhal
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the partial (irritative) changes of nutrition in softem'ng probably in-
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The king of Sweden and Norway has conferred upon Dr. William Pepper,
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and the hair on the breast live to six inches. The man hj'.d been shaved be-
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in rare cases can they be said to be hurtful. Of course, before the
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the eye is like a camera with a lens of increased refractive power ; in the lat-
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erage, the pelvis unsupported, the crest of the ilium was seen to rotate with
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I saw last spring, distinct pulsation occurred — they were, in fact, pulsating
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prolonged debauch if its aid is early resorted to. That weakened will
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granulations. In all cases in which an autopsy was made, there was
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