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three times a day. As nearly as possible, its administration should be

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dened and angry-looking. It was thought to be erysipelatous in charac-


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and in one case had given three and a half pounds. He thought that

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ffrm, somewhat mottled, and the Malpighian corpuscles were quite

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the Limj)le substitution of metric weights and measures for those now

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The correctness of this supposition, which may in the near future be veri-

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lower extremities. Concomitant evidence, in the shape of a history of

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most resisiaiu'e, and also on the principle that the size of the brain determines

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citizens, McGill University can well feel proud of its present position.

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evening he found upon examination that he had suffered a contusion

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light, answers a very useful purpose for those who have not the electric

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uterus, and he had never seen or known of a multilocular cyst producing such

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beneath the vertebral bodies at their articular surfaces ; the second seat

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him to Brighton to recruit, and there his ascites became so distressing that

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ceived were two severe scalp wounds, one of which from its slowness

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We have received a copy of the Transactions of the last meeting of this

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ject, however, is made very interesting. Personal identity in the dead and

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there are one or two points upon which I should like to express an opinion,

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absent " the corresponding ureter will be wanting also.

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nrjaUayiug uneasy :seRsatio;is> as in the days of

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Before it his pulse was 78, and after it 90 ; and it fluctuated for several

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fested in different positions ; the tumor retained its shape and position, so

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fractures always begin in the line of extension and not that of compres-

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of the spinal affection ; or death may approach so rapidly that the spinal

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were entirely gone, although the former returned in a slight degree on

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difficulty to answer questions, and was rational. For two weeks the case pro-

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^Socrates the wisest of all men living,, because he

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the session extends from October to May. The Michigan University is appar-

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nerves had no constant effects on the temperature of the foot. The author

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childbed fever, is absent ; that erysipelas alone is impotent ; and that the

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work is admirably adapted to the purpose for which it is written.

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regular quotidian type." Again, this case is obscure as regards tem-

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child, and who, while under treatment for uterine disease, was found to be


practical value to the physician. No class of diseases requires more care or

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course having a very marked effect upon the patient. We are very often

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f^eons, with characteristic generosity, thus establishing a system much to the

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bas been used to a limited extent for many years, it has never obtained

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It would be unpardonable in me to pass over the climates which mul-

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neuralgia and muscular rheumatism. It has this advantage over other agents

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iron, so far from increasing his anemia, seemed to help the process of

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