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In three cases of anaemia — one fatal, two recoverino: — Litten ob-

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for he had not at that time heard of Dr. Trenholme's (Montreal) case.

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plied. Two days later, the effusion having somewhat subsided, an at-

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failed, while the writer had perfectly succeeded by means of a treatment en-

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sitting for a long time. One day he was very much jarred in the back

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climax control sklep

thickened, softened, covered with purulent matter, and detached from

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the case has been one of lon«x standin<^ and the cervix is in a condition

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nent, where he will be mostly engaged at laboratory work.

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Charles Meymott Tidy, M. B., F. C. S. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston. 1877.

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grammes of calomel in five hundred cc. of distilled water acidulated

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physician and of danger to the patient. Glycerine and warm water, in

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of sulphuretted hydrogen, always gave a precipitate of cupreous oxide

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has, so far, no record to boast of, and little progress to chronicle. I am

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works ; but for the purposes of diagnosis attention must here be directed

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tracted adhesions with the uterus ; this had occurred in an unpublished case in

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Miliary tuberculosis of the lungs may occur as part of a general tubercu-

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towards his bed is sufficient to evoke severe spasms, while in meningitis

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feculent odor. The vomiting tends to become worse and worse, and is

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directed by Althaus. The former success, which had been extremely

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The glottis chink presented itself as a narrow elliptical opening, re-

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a number of pellets, like small pills, brightly coloured in diiferent tints.

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other organ, and is thus a possible source of infection, or Avhere an

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