Commander Climaxol

Dr. Fitz showed a specimen of amyloid liver stained with methyl-anilin
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whether these classes can be kept separate ; the matter is extremely obscure.
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opinion as to the advisability or otherwise of such douching before labor.
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on the remaining branches, and to clinical study in the college hospital and
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that which is found in septic peritonitis. For many years, especially since
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lution of carbolic acid, and covered with oil-silk. The healing progressed
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hemorrhage recurred, and the child died three days after the onset of the
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the bakery, the boiler-room, and the carjjeiiter's shop," which is unfoitnnate,
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cerning the primary nature of the morbid process, the particular mem-
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ment. Kraurosis seems to be a peculiar histological atrophy of the vulvar
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Resection of the (Esophagus.^ — Professor Czerny performed this opera-
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take the disease out of the list of surgical affections. To do our very best, it
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up various medical societies. He was president of the Canadian Medical
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in this case was in the cellular tissue lying below the broad ligament
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true, at all events, in my own cases, in all of which its use has been tem-
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produced by the microbic growth at the local lesion.
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swiftly down to the sea. The natural lay of the land is so favorable that this
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persistency, desperation, and insensibility to suffering.
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nuich thickened thronnhout, :in<l showed evidenc<! (^f ol<l inflammatory action.
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tion. I have seen him run and jump as though he had no heart disease.
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the dyspna^a. Although tlu!ro was a large quantity of fluid renuiiiiing, the
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eral years ago read a paper before the German Society of Naturalists and
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September 14th. Can walk about wards on crutches and sit up in a chair
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sheath are not suited to this method, and had better be secured in some other
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— As a remedy in migraine the juice of a lemon is squeezed into a cup of
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tions. For instance, one can readily study the individual muscles in such
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whence the haemorrhage came. Pulse ran up to 140 or 150. Dr.
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As a result of his investigations directed to the discovery of the cause
Everything did well after the operation. He suffered little or no
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The riches of the book are by no means exhausted, but though unwillinfr to
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invention and partly on trust, and their hearers may draw such conclusions of
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on a plan a century old. The wise specialization of the Boston Dispensary is

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