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expense. The changing of the air means the loss of heated air and

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recent investigations of Pembrey and his coadjutors, who have shown that

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greater attention? It is a pari of our mission to devote such care to

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The two superior maxillary form, by meeting and uniting in the

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prickly heat, and requires similar treatment, viz.: a light, bland diet,

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dangerous locality, or by making him adopt certain precautions, take

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years, though the disease is also frequent beyond the fortieth year.

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very much alike, and the description of the i:)Ost-mortem appearances

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lowed by the scarcity and distress of the succeeding

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Sometimes instead of loss of appetite it becomes so unnatural,

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it easy to maintain the calorie value of the food to the desired and

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can be regarded as satisfactor.y, which does not recognize and ac-

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from cancer of the stomach. The same internal treatment is appli-

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Among the disorders of the eye that are directly connected with

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on i^ressure or movement; temperature w^s 103.8°, tongue furred,

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Iceland are subject to this undesirable affection. Cleanliness and

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pressing action of salicylic acid given eitlier plain or as salicjdate of

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has nearly ceased. Take a strong string and tie the cord tightly

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Phimosis. — When the foreskin cannot be brought back over the

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depends less upon the size of the brain than upon the amount of the

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more exclusively in the direction of gynecolog)', and

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sleep. Give ammonia by inhalation and keep the patient aroused

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to wait until the sjmsm relaxes before carrj-ing out his design. After

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The objection to woolen carpets, upholstered furniture, draperies

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15 to 17 per cent., appeared in the urine unaltered. Suitable dieting, based

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heart. During the later stages of chronic gout, esi^ecially after the

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disease does, the smaller peripheral joints and unattended by any

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yet intact, great benefit is sometimes obtained from cold affusions

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All the muscles are more or less affected ; those of the thorax and

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