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metacarpal bones. The superficial muscles and tendons were destroyed. The
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eight hundred and forty-six, under the old regulations, which allowed students
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lecture on " Diseases of the Thyroid Gland," published in The Lancet. Its
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thinks the reports to which I have alluded arose entirely from the fact that
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scarlet fever throat inflammation, the streptococci and staphylococci of
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information, but the patient evidently was highly neurasthenic.
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into the normal occipital one should be made. The change can be
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protective, which should extend for half an inch upon sound skin in all
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the patient apparently being asleep, was telling of a man being thrown
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be deodorized, rendered disgusting to the taste and offensive to the eye. It is
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the common bile-duct, or of the gjeneral extent of the larwr bile-ducts,
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You ask me " whether the want of moral sense is not manifested as clearly
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the flushing of the face and injection of the conjunctiva}, but suspended
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vomiting. At one p. m. I syringed out the wound, and with the finger
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justifiable, we failed to liberate any fluid, and determined to resort to
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this day another physician saw her in consultation. Then, as before,
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fessor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy at the Montreal College of Pharmacy ; and late
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five years of age, was first seen by me July 3, 1875. She had been married
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to the operation, the cornea having been anesthetized with cocaine.
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480 Professor Hitchcock on Physical Education, [October 25,
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Fekouson. Medical News, 1890, p. 395.-5. Ferrier and Turner. Phil. Trans.
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and magnitude of the object would be indicated by a dark cloud or spot,
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becomes better if some days have elapsed since the onset ; especially if
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New Brunswick Medical Society. We learn from the Maritifne Medical
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albumen in the urine clinically. It is as follows : Dilute the urine
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3. Hypertpophie cervical meningitis. — It is very doubtful whether

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