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herty undergo time and again. She served her day and gen-

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woman without a stomach, now living in Switzerland, and

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the bath must be administered. Clinical experience demands it, and

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reminder a tablet of lithia or other alkali. Two or three times weekly

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wet pack is also produced mainly by an inhibition of this receptivity

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serting that more than ninety per cent of these patients may be taught

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at autopsies in persons dying suddenly of other diseases. Spontaneous

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fecal discharges, and thus distribute the disease through camps

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for his views on the effect of toasting on bread. He wrote

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affable and very painstaking, asking many questions, finally

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regularities, with skin troubles and rashes of different kinds.

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cases from all sources (57,842) gives a percentage of 0.07. My own

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and when it does it is the most fatal of all the diseases of childhood

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in the present pandemic are due to these difficulties. It is cer-

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mild general symptoms (often insignificant), and from which bacilli

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applications of cold. The same principle is applicable in explanation

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be tried, and among these cinchonin administered in the same manner

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and a snout at one extremity, usually of a lighter color,

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a large resort for invalids, without special methods of treat-

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ious typhoid " it is bad indeed. Apart from the type, we must consider,

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" The high grade shows children but slightly mentally defi-

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drinkinu- a diseased Should il he treated a~ siicli. and how ^

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proach some forms of gout or rheumatic gout. If they ulcer-

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the body. In some instances the new growths are pretty evenly distrib-

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as produce pronounced contraction and dilatation of the vessels.

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When the great Northwest began to expand, forty years

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A. Bruce. W. J. O. Malloch. Wal- ' Ophthalmoloery : D. N. Maclennan, W.

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