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In a departure from tradition and teaching such as this treatment, while

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known cases of fracture of the inner table only, but one survived, and

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As may be seen from the inclosed table of analyses, few of these waters

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eleven p. m., I got it in and was able to leave it. He fell asleep soon

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than its fellow and immovable ; pulse 120, temperature 103°. He

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In view of the good condition of her general health on the one hand, and the

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Of the many remedies recommended for pulmonary tuberculosis, I

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stance injection of a solution of perchloride of iron was followed by

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phalanx of a finger; the form of pyemia being innumerable superficial

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paralysis, commencing in one limb. There may be no fits, and little or no

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formed in flbrous tissue, and a subsequent communication be established

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sation of cold experienced seven hours after the injection. The coldness

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case of serious puerperal disease was produced by sanitary defects. On

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course, prove fatal. Some even now prefer the high operation to vaginal

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larger than natural, but not fatty. Valves, normal and healthy. The larger

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claimed for various internal remedies. Benzoic acid, administered in

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for contriving and executino; accommodations for the insane than here.

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that which is found in septic peritonitis. For many years, especially since

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likely to be abused ; the Dispensary physician who sends the patient sees the

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tion with less than one per cent, mortality until in the midst of intestinal

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help it, of taking permanent root, and from which you do not wish to be sent

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and new sewers imperfectly constructed, badly arranged, and on flats.

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out exciting to activity, by fixing the attention on it, the very symptom it is

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will pi*oduee a satiety of joy, and an uninterrupt-

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readies, tlie virus may ujo. IIo believed in the law of Colles, considerinnr the

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