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vantage. The preparation may he made by pouring a solution of acetate
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M. Devillas, a banker, a few years ago bequeathed his house, in tbe
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local trouble, it has not been found wanting, for cases of inoperable mammary
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to the highest degree, plain, and, therefore, thoroughly intelligible. He
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whole of the gland should not be taken away. If only a small part be left,
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emaciated. It attains its maximum development at the end of the second
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coronoid process, or being arrested by the thickness of the gum, or
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campaign numerous individuals suffered from more than one attack of
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point C first. In like manner it may be shown the fluid will be more
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physiological serum ma} ■ have some value as a curative agent, and of late
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Headache may be best relieved by 3 grains of acetanilid, repeated from
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treated and carefully nursed, even when he is looking his very worst, he
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the members. There have been many changes in the registered cata-
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increased rapidly until there are symptoms of slight salivation, when the
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She can sew, and knit, and braid, and is quite as active and expert as
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ani and labium pudendi ; at other times a <' bearing down," or sense of
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Surgical Management. — The management of malformations and mon-
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In such cases the numbers present, particularly when the milk is mixed
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seiiiiaiionj which accompany nearly all cases of visceral displacements of the abdomen, and its fikl-
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face of the body. The tumefaction, pain, heat, and itching, on the
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Theory and Practice of Medicine and Obstetrics, by - - H. H. Crilds, M.D.
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the vis vits is low, the pulse quick and frequent, and a cold, clammv
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not only in duration, but in intensity. When the duration is only a few
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tissue must be removed and the cavity shaped to retain it, sharp ex-
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kidneys, and tberefore that notion of such liquors from them reviving a
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although I afforded relief by one or two moderate bleedings, if persisted
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from the last, chronic dilatation and slight hypertrophy, without ism
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Albany, by Mr. Barlow. — A fine stand for a ph)rsician, in the country,
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100 cases, for instance, tubercles occurred iu the mesenteric glands in
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place more slowly in the full than in the empty stomach and intestines ;
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overcharged, and the writers, under the workings of an excited imagina-
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patient that it had to be discontinued. The digitalis group of drugs have
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this stage it is necessary to give an amount of thyroid extract each day
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6. Pneumonia. — Hepatization of nearly the whole of right lung,
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at first feeble, soon ceases to bear. So far as the influence of the or-

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