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Typhoid Fever in Children, Twenty-four Casqs of 383
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Physician's Combined Call-Book and Tablet. Published by Ralph Walsh, M. D., 326 C
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published, which gives a detailed account of their anatomy, and a sum-
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weeks ago, occurring to a young lady some seventeen or eighteen years old,
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separating from the wine will be found to be colorless if the wine were
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large quantities of nourishment, and without difficulty. Owing to the
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tendent to the New South Wales Government ; medical superintendent,
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The Relations existinj^ between Eczema and Psoriasis. By Robert Campbell, M. D.
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after abortion, three of haematemesis. The first four were fiital, the
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tion whatever of the shaft was broken off, but that the case was one of sepa-
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grains to the ounce of water, is effective provided it is not allowed to remain
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of these finally fall into the hands of the quacks. There is a fair prospect
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membranes, to make a liberal opening into the attic. On the following
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up — spontaneous recovery does not take place, but the patient, after a
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violent colic and great constipation. Blue line marked.
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Disorders of Nervous Function due to Injury and Shock."
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Indeed, in the majority of instances the limitation is determined by a
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strictive supervision of the out-patient departments and dispensaries is
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into a groove in the posterior surface and upper edge of the right half
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ecution. If this movement is widely imitated it will not be long before
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and went home, realizing her narrow escape from serious and perhaps
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Dr. Beeby mentions one fatal case of rheumatism, in which the persist-
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serious offence against the dignity of the profession ; the knife was for
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Herpetiformis to Pemphigus, closed the morning session.
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Transactions of the American Pediatric Society. Fifth Session,
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February 9, 1877, he was attacked with severe cramp along the out-
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cautions as at first, since it is found that the action on the same individ-
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to sec her ; he was surprised by the discoloration of the skin, which
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and a half to three inches, going through what Professor Sayre of New York
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(1.) Are Epidemics and so-called Contagious Diseases necessarily dependent
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