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rotate forward and towards the right, thus describing five eighths rather
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cervix, however, was somewhat softened and high up in the pelvis, and there
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treatment of scarlatinal atl'ections of the throat. It a})jjeared to him
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aiitthj in the par-alyzed as in the normal lind), showine- that th(! a(;tiv-
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formed his first ovariotomy another gentleman began to practise ovariotomy
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ria in both man and animals. In their experiments upon dogs they
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There is still another condition which follows upon this state of ever-
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An Index of Diseases and their Treatment. By Thomas Hawkes Tanner, M. D.,
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Uniier these three general divisions contributions are already promised upon the follow-
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elsewhere ; deaths connected witli this division siiould be excluded in th*; com-
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testicle under the carbolic spray, and applied the carbolized gauze and protect-
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subsided. The patient had had similar turns, which she called dyspep-
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the parts, or placing upon them of mops of absorbent cotton wrung out of
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saying that the parts as seen in the models do not correspond to the parts
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extent of his rare and estimable qualities. His life was so clouded in his ear-
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but notwithstanding this, when extension was made and the limb put
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some of the other babies in the ward. The baby began to look pale and
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neglected under-drainage, accumulated night-soil, uncollected or improperly
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the contraction of the muscle had closed the catheter and so forced the urine to
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ordinary occipital position by the combined method of external and inter-
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salve was used, but reappeared as soon as it was discontinued.
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considerable obscurity. I think that up to the time of birth the mother
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sented by the flattened organ removed from the body and placed upon the
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" Sitz. der. phys. med. Soc. zu Eriangen, t. viii. p. 181.
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the verses one finds, thinking to come upon them in any of the usual collec-
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The Mechanism of Joints. By Harrison Allen, M. D. (Reprinted from the Transactions
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owing to the action of one of that sect in London, lately, both by the daily
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formation of exostoses that tlicre is in the latter disease, and ahsorption takes
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Hundred and Sixty Cases. By V. P. G. Wrey, M. D. (Reprinted from the New York
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— We understand that the committee on the Warren Triennial Prize, the

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