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the science of medicine has, from its earliest history, been a prey to those

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were quite uninjured, and far away as usual from the clamp wire. (I had

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Associate in Clinical Internal Medicine, and Dr. Herndon; not bUtnr-d

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breathe well through the larynx. Bowels oj)en spontaneously.

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The pathological evidence in favour of this view has been obtained

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of the insertion of the temporal muscle ; the condyle was twisted out, and the

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overproduction of the special elements manufactured normally by the

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Whether the electricity brought on the attack is not absolutely certain,

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tion in the pharynx to extend into the larynx, which is not the case in

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tals were always observed, though thc^y uiiglit be few or many, and were

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ment above alluded to is explained by Ldpine on the supposition that

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the latter the symptoms were not allowed to proceed to the same ex-

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was suffering from renal and vascular disease, the asthmatic attacks being,

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this alkaloid be ixiven too-etlier w^ith iron. Thus for the slif:!;hter and

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jerks were thus lost in ten cases among one hunered and thirty-one — 7.6

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once to be impaired by any suspicions or opinions of mine ; and the

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cavity temporaril}' obliterated by the distended left or opposite segment.

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lary regions of the same patient, but they had reappeared in the lower part of

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is indicated by the figures produced by Dr. H. T. Hanks at a meet-

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but more like a belly-ache than an acute pain ; what pain there was, however,

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world for the reward of a vast amount of labor in this one." No doubt this

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fine picture, that he may imitate the artistes dell*

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We were somewhat surprised to learn that in the Maternity Hospital

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all her trouble to tlu; fac^, that she got up too soon after her coiifnu'mcnt and

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