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the removal of the tube altogether. This was followed by violent
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accessory methods as thus afforded by the study of sections it is difficult
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the case has been one of lonĀ«x standin<^ and the cervix is in a condition
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Another sister had eaten heartily of them without any bad results. I
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are due to the same cause. In the case cited, as well as in another which
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There is reason to suppose that the internal geniculate body stands in a
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In addition to the ordinary requirements for an operation there are
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Mautheur. Lehrbuch d.,Ophthalmoscopie. 1868. Page 150.
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on questions involving the expenditure of money, agree or are compelled
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react to diffuse daylight. More exact observation would show that the
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pointed to disease in the pons and in the crus cerebri, respectively.
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a meningeal apoplex}-, the probability of haemorrhage is of course
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individual school, which will not fail to respond to blow but surely increasing
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1839. After graduating at the academy there, he studied medicine in Boston and Philadel-
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relates other cases which have come to his knowledge of dangerous symp-
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Dr. Campbell had employed similar treatment in quite a number of
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Ferrier,3 commenting on his own case, which I have quoted, says it
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last their proximal ends only remain open ; this opening leads directly
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a short illness from pneumonia, January i8th. He graduated at the McGill
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thorough exploration, pushed the instrument as far as possible into the
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patient who hud just miscarried at four mouths, lie found the fuL'tus, mem-
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. delirium, and other cerebral symptoms, as well as in the case of relapses.
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curred on the outside of the leg just above the ankle, and through the
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mi'^dit indicate the probable seat of a blood-clot or of a tumour.
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An examination of tlie reports for last year of all the larger medical
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tiva was there any sic-n of disease. It was iji the iininediate neijfldjor-
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tonitis. He incidentally alludes to six other recorded cases, all of which,
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the age of fifteen years, which is not due to a previous attack of the dis-
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largely free from extreme changes, and so far south that out-of-door exer-
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from the fourth to the ninth, and reach the cardiac plexus by
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