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the two classes of cases, — idiopathic and consecutive. If a calculus lies in a

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seizure was that which it was apt to assume under the influence of the

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and esophagus, the lungs, the heart, the stomach, and to some extent

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iodide of potash was added. The pulse was never above 90, and usually about

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inordinate use in this country of officinal, in preference to magistral, or

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names in obstetric anatomy and surgery. Robert Lee was violently

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nature of an assault. If the infinitely tender character of the peritoneum

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large proportion of cases operated upon have been seen from the third to

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tainty of these examinations and a looseness of reasoning into which ho is

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November 5, 1877. Cases of Pleurisy. — Dr. Mason reported five cases

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in the cord may be very irregular and diftuse ; the neuroglia fibres are

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recurs in relapses ; its severity is directly proportional to the severity of

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ments after removal showed the veins running from the neighborhood of

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planted directly in the animal. The existence of a spontaneous or so-called

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broken, wIumi they became very rapid, feeble, and in some cases in;iu-

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amrmia and an obstinate dyspe])sia. The attacks of colic were very

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upon her back with the lepjs drawn up, the uterus is grasped by the

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ing his practice and seeking relief by quietude at his native home, and later by a visit to

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one had examined with the laryngoscope the question of paralysis

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was the state of knowledge with regard to insanity and its treatment

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that the State Board of Health has been able to present to the citizens of the

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pain in the right iliac region was relieved by leeches, and morphia subcutane-

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for acidulating the urine, because if the quantity of albumen be small it may

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Unfortunately, the patient was living out of town, and was unwilling

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