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radiation, instead of markedly equable, and it has a most

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invariably followed. For the first few days a gum-elastic tube

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auditory meatus, the column of air penetrates with difficulty

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about thirty hours, the other five remained alive. (A) Four

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Pkesentation.— Dr. James Munro, of Moffat, wis on March

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usually intense heat in the Red Sea and Suez Canal, where

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tion being directed to the urine. Wlien the temperature

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following objects : — (1) To urge the extension of the dis-

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add a little caustic alkali to get a solution at all. Control experiments

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can be brought to bear on the population generally in mitiga-

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direction" of science without, fear that an exposition of vac-

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Societ<^s d'Arrondissements now invites the medical profession

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scientious objection" at a proper time. It would therefore

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dealt with, equal to about 4U0 for each working day in the

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liberal support of tiie fund, tlieir disapprobation of tlie view

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clearly that the severity of the symptoms is in proportion

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or three only— it recurred as an epidemic, but with somewhat

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she had done for years. On November 22nd the swelling of

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diphtheria, and influenza, bacilli in chronic infectious diseases,

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fee for this class of patients. M. Dubois complained of the

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not know yet what the bill of costs really was, but when he

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The most important equatorial current is the Gulf Stream,

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liarebeenonitted, solhat page .if, follows dire-tlr on ra,P^- I n'^ "?

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illustrating various morbid conditions— paralysis of the in-

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