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being due to a sarcoma of the basilar process of the occipital

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Mr. Bruce Clahkb, in reply, said that enough gut must be

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ascites was a sign of malignancy. The difficulty, to his

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these towns was equal to 5.3 ner 1,000, against 4.2 in London.

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ment of Strabismus (introduced by Dr. Parinaud, of Paris). ,

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The patient made an excellent recovery. It was apparently

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and Lecturer on Surgery at, the Jliddlesex Hospital. Lon-

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formed inguinal colotomy for cancer of the rectum eight

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suggestion.- Dr. Hingston Fox showed a girl with Lymph-

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deaths registered in Dublin were equal to an annual rate of 26. 1 per 1,000

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ferments are in the least altered, as has been ascertained with

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for some time in cases of apparent death under the action of

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tion. The very fact that it is extremely condensed shows

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relations of the symptoms to the process which they manifest,

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precede vomiting, and belched a little wind. The bowels were

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Massachusetts House of Representatives under the constitu-

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tion to the importance of cleansing and visual examination of the

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adoption of the report ; Dr. Adler, who seconded ; Rev.

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Sir W. Foster said that if the amendment was adopted

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venience was likely to arise from the e-vceptional circumstances.

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"gland." As far as we can learn, they are not ordinarily in-

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after my arrival, and any movement for some time afterwards

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[greatly confirms the experience of tlie Norwegian emigrapts

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In regard to the navigation of the Danube, provisional

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As the evidence which I gave before the Commission on

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The above advertisement is hereby given in order to warn the public. —

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St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; L Gilbert, St. Thomas's Hospital ;

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commended, but was refused by the then Secretary of State

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the town of Sheffield. I admit that that was a great epidemic

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In the Midlands, Birmingham continues to be seriously beset by the

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tions, and by letter-writing rings, which Ministers just now

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uniting the iliac spine and the umbilicus. This in-

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present, to outsiders, to be insuperable. Some experiments

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soon after its birth, and she was in bed for over a month with

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Universities of Oxford and Durham by Dr. Wilks and Dr.

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Mumby, Portsmouth ; C. Mead, M.B., Hornsey ; F. J. Macintosh, M.B.,

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view to averting this retrogression, the Society of Medical

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features on tiie mind in a more effective manner. Grasp the

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Tavistock Workhouse suffering from small-pox. At a meet-

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which it is proposed to introduce into the existing quarantine-

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Harris, A. W., M.R.C.S., D.P.H.Eng., reappointed Medical Officer of

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often experienced in passing this tube into the deep urethra,

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