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Chondro- Sarcoma of the Ulna ; Amputation ; Lister Dressing. — Patrick
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part of the bulb above the plane, in the section occupied by the lens, is my-
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set. 19 years. She made the statement that the " first day of her last sick-
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syphilitic infection. This subject will be considered under the head of
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of raw onion, and after carefully chewing it he said it was onion, and
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there is no spread of the spasm to the muscles of the limbs.
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active ; no nausea ; no s(piinting ; temperature 100°. To have Dover's
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ferment, the usefulness of the colloid material, unless to dilute, and delay
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horrible state of neglect, cruelty, and even murder by those whose profession
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apparatus, which was done August 15th. I then, with the idea of
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Out for a break at Graylyn are, left to right: Dr. Marcus
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Patella, fracture of the, 265, 561, 615 ; into the knee-
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capable of being placed in any desired meridian, and on which an object
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swelling had entirely disappeared from the orifice of the urethra. On
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after a few hours, to demonstrate charcoal particles in the opened tubes.
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that sometimes blue ink injected into the uterus with only moderate force
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having been carefully etherized by Dr. W. A. Dunn, the o})eration
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months. Apart from the rigidity of the muscles of the neck, and
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of the leg, but an examination could not be made above the popliteal
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members' fee is five dollars ; that of their wives or adult relations two dollars
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your sex, to assert the irights of good sense ; and
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a cavity with thin walls, the size of a hen's egg. Through the wall of this
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by Dr. Malcolm. It has been fully dealt with subsequently by Olshausen
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have operations in which the agent of the obstruction has been discovered,
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Toronto General Hospital, and St. Michael's Hospital.
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confined in cellars; their keej)ers, glad to be rid of them, sent them to
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opticus, and in eight hyperemia of the retina. Of the remaining fifty-
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ation of the eyeball was performed after it had been cut across according to
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forty-eight hours, the vagina gently washed out with bichloride solution
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lieved to have the miraculous power of curing the bites inflicted by mad dogs,
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" wringing " to do ; (2) the sudden and painful onset succeeding some
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tinctly felt by the patient at the time, and is followed immediately by
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Lectures, 1892. — 7. Wilf.iianh. Hemianopsie, 1881. — 8. D^lepine. Trans. Path.
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treatment may be understood the obtaining of an action of the bowels by
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jected into its external jugular vein of the left side a large amount of
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The operation for laryngotomy turned out more serious tlian the excision of
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cussion and auscultation revealed nothing abnormal in the thoracic or abdomi-
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pelvis, lateral compression being made at the same time, with the end

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