kind the same full share of public confidence and trust which

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avoiding all danger to health, and doing away with the offensive sights and

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diminishes the resisting power of the peritoneum. Reichel strongly insists

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though not decidedly chlorotic. In another case, the current passed from hand

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perature is no doubt very often, and indeed usually, a rapid or even almost


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when he was persuaded to go to his hotel, where he was seen by two phy-

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in the cord may be very irregular and diftuse ; the neuroglia fibres are

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arise from a liberal fulfilment of this object. In certain instances, some

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tilled with the mass ; and tlie same was the case, in a less perfect degree, when

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for those cases which he had seen, where the sphincters were cut through from

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Injury of the middle fint'er, 547 ; resulting from elec-

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innumerable other men of science employed their powers. Thereby also

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under treatment for cancer of the right breast, which became an open ulcer in

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" Far be it from us to say that a man shall close his ears to the advice

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about the house tor weeks. The pain in Mrs. P. was referred to the

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cium and the iodide of lime, I put the drug aside, thinking I had the article

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walls of the lattci* iVoin pressure, and thus a haiinato-lyniphanfrioma

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not been used, so that the results would be beyond dispute \ (3) poisons

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presence of pus in these cases of pneumonia — a diagnosis which is often

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my confidence in its safety greatly diminished by the fatal occurrence of

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(i) " On the Treatment of .Strangulated Hernia" — J. Wishart, London ;

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hitherto thought possible. It is not remembered that the day after to-

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Dr. Braman, since deceased, was summoned in consultation. She had

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he has studied them. These changes are described with great minute-

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it is unfiivorable. I have conscientiously endeavored to test it fully be-

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