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anatomical field, to found, in an ineradicable manner, the rights of necropsy.

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moved freely the day before. When seen, soon after the beginning of his ill-

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toms disappear only to leave the phenomena due to a lesion of the cord

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— indeed, the child was distinctly worse after each operation. Mr. W. H.

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distress after eating and only occasionally undue acidity of the stomach.

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the elements of putrefaction are carried in the interstices of its fibres to

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This is one of the largest prizes in the country, the sum for this year falling

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dark and smoky, with a specific gravity of 1028. I find no memoran-

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J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1877. Pp. 101. (For sale by A. Williams & Co.)

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from the cavity. Dr. Chadwick said that he knew of no fluid which would not

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chest, except that close to the spine, o[)p()sit(; tin; uppcsr part of the scapula,

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2 The llypertrophicd Prostate. American Clinical Lectures. New York. 1876. Page

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Min«.bj which oie^ns 9he ^is oo other thao imUiiso

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not unusual after typhoid fever of considerable severity to find a definitely

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twenty -four hours, but afterwards mounted to 103° and 104° ; salicin was

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tion of the anterior and posterior nerve roots may be met with.

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in detail when we discuss the diagnosis of meningeal hsemorrhage.

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two or more of these, many of the single globules not being more than

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may be seen in the lumbo-sacral region. Recently I examined a case in

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ber of small fragments, most of them with sharp edges, and in all the

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manufacturer and consumer, Dr. Guillaume, Neuchatel. (2.) How epidemics

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It is by a combined method of aspiration and injection that the author

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that in general practice the mortality has been but little reduced as a rule,

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" lodge " for this class. It is as closely connected with the wing as

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thrombi, and therefore not demanding the use of subsequent disinfect-

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considerably reduced her strength. The anterior chamber was shallow, the

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patients only seven died, all of whom were under two years of age, and five

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I am strongly opposed to the practice of sending such patients to a warm

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care. How it was known whether it was in that confinement or a previous

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loss of muscular power, no atrophy of the hand or arm, the thenar

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