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for the last two years. He stated to me several months since that he never felt
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membranous disease in all its forms, and to discard from our nosology
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pearance. It was sliirhtly turhid, with the least degree of f(i3tor, and
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permanently established. Although married she has never been pregnant.
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the throat. On depressing the tongue the upper half of a tumor, about
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wards. Signs of a cavity appeared in the left lung, and the patient
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after the perception of higher tones and the ticking of a watch was di-
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fied by experimental evidence, has not as yet been proven.
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of the OS was nicked from time to time, and incisions were made through the
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of acting as an irritant foreign body and an element of weakness it is
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If the cervix be closed, douche, then tampon with iodoform-gauze,
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ergot was given. The uterus contracted firmly. The patient recovered well
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the latter class of cases predominate among a physician's cases of
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above with regard to the transitory character of the obstruction liable
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pearance. It was sliirhtly turhid, with the least degree of f(i3tor, and
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symptoms of kidney diseases, the way to detect them, their significance, and
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fectly well. Pulse 84 ; temperature 98°. Lochia and milk normal. As
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have been founded and well advertised, and are now, in the language
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city, and of the entire number killed there were not more than three well-bred
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Table showing Functions of the Vago-glosso pharyngeal Roots, modified
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tinguished." The entire paper is exceedingly fascinating, as tliose wlio had
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The pulse continued 120, and rose with the temperature. On the Gth
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acknowledged OTily to fields about ten degrees in diameter, and in which
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of diseases of the stomach as in any other department of medicine, and
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branch of their education, shall not fail io intro-
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the speculum is then introduced by a slight rotatory motion along the
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