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The stomach, liver, lung it, ami heart cannot be acted on directly, but

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to every sense, and often voluptuous under the aphrodisiac influence of

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spring, and is most injurious to pulmonary diseases."* The

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paroxysm may very possibly prove fatal, unless prevented. Nothing,

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Jaundice on the doctrine of signatures, which implies a certain relation

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being administered, in the absence or decline of the fever, as antiperio-

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who possesses penetration knows that it has arisen from irre-

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Another syrup proposed by Sotibcirao contains the pyrophosphate of I

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It has a resinous aspect, and a brownish-fawn colour more or less deep,

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about one-eighth of an inch in diameter, marked with transverse wrinkles,

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Affections of the Slomach and Bowek, In gouty spasm cf the siom-

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But the application of this fact to the subject now before us is of great

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ibaorption of the metal, they were of little importance. They moreover

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cially of the muscular J and medicines calculated to increase the strengUi

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tapering, occasionally branching, sometimes longitudinally someliraes

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whilst those which treat of disease and the poisonous sub-

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to all other astringents, and is very much used. In hemorrhage from

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more speedily accustomed than this; so that, to sustain a given effect

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in Febrile Diseases. In that work, the author has occasion

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purpose, Mr. J. Z. Lawrence keeps it in a bottle loosely closed, and,

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whether the affection is really cerebral The complete integrity af th©

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blood is poisoned by noxious matter absorbed into it, and which doeiJ

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to administer the medicine in such a manner as not to produce the

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mode of using alum in ophthalmia is in the form of alum-curd, which

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muluned wjti tin- rwixaiuaer t<? the luuritttA:. The }»r*rpfc.rfcti'k'.»j.

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dients, with the addition of sulphate of iron, which is converted iolo

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bilitant. The pulse, during the action of this atmosphere,

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caiaplasmst arc employed to relieve by revulsion either inflamniation.

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goes, and partlj from its superficial caustic operation, bj which an

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of vision, hardness of hearing, loss of articulation, aphonia or more or

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se trouvcnt dans un ctat continuel de force sentie et d'action. Ainsi done le

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with the remedy, it should not be repeated, as a general rule, oftener

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diseases we trust much to the use of the cold bath, and the

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